Fay & Greg's Testimonial

Thanks Belinda, for coming to our house and providing us with valuable advice and guidance to assist us in creating a positive approach to our parenting techniques. 

As parents we have reconnected in our parenting approach and are supporting each other which has in turn helped the kids to bond better with us both, creating a happy household.

Thanks again Fay, Greg, Connor & Reeve.

Kylie's Testimonial

Highly recommend Belinda, she was very professional in the way she helped me out with a situation I was in with my autistic stepson. With her advice I was able to set up strategies to deal with his emotional outbursts and his behavioural issues. Thank you.


Riley's Mum

My family and I first met Belinda when our oldest child, Riley was 8 years old. We will be forever grateful to Belinda, her extensive experience and knowledge combined with her passion and dedication were invaluable to my family at a time when we felt truly helpless. The techniques and positive behaviours she instilled in our son are still present today as a senior in high school and have had a significant positive outcome on all of our lives. I will always be thankful for not only her knowledge and experience when faced with such challenging situations but for sharing and teaching me the techniques I needed to manage such situations.

I cannot recommend Belinda highly enough, her compassion, dedication and wealth of experience was also extended to my entire family, and she became our teacher, not just Riley’s. It has been my pleasure to write this testimonial for Belinda, my family and I would like to wish her all the best, we know that you will find her as invaluable as we do.

Nathan's Mum

My son Nathan has both Autism and an intellectually disability. We had the pleasure of meeting Belinda when Nathan was 6 years old. l was unable to fully toilet train Nathan but within 3 short weeks of meeting Belinda he was fully trained.

Her positive behaviour approach and her extensive teaching knowledge contributed to this achievements in such a small time frame, we strongly recommend Belinda in assisting and setting up  your child to achieved their goals.