Our Latest Workshop

We are so thrilled to be running another Introduction to Positive Parenting workshop on the 2nd of May!

Its been our absolute pleasure to run this workshop a number of times now for a range of different groups, including a 'mother's group' and a 'young parent playgroup'.

This workshop allows parents the opportunity to positively expand their parenting knowledge and gain some new tools for using with their children's challenging behaviours. It is also a great opportunity for any parents wanting to refresh their parenting skills.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to meet me and find out a little bit more about what I have to offer at a very reasonable price!

The Workshop will include:​

  • Strengths and challenges of parenting

  • Setting expectations for children

  • Key Communication strategies

  • How to respond to challenging behaviours

  • Positive behaviour management strategies

  • Looking after yourself as a parent

  • Discussions with other parents

  • Question & Answer with Belinda

  • Parent Resource Kit

There is still time to register, see session details below, click here to register or e-mail Belinda for further information.

Look forward to seeing you all there, thank you for your support!

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