Introduction to Positive Parenting Workshop

So very excited to announce The Resource Kit's first workshop for parents!

This is a great opportunity for any parents wanting to refresh their parenting skills, learn some wonderful new ways to positively parent and to develop some strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to meet me and find out a little bit more about what I have to offer at a very reasonable price!

The Workshop will include:​

  • Strengths and challenges of parenting

  • Setting expectations for children

  • Key Communication strategies

  • How to respond to challenging behaviours

  • Positive behaviour management strategies

  • Looking after yourself as a parent

  • Discussions with other parents

  • Question & Answer with Belinda

  • Parent Resource Kit

  • Tea, coffee & supper

See session details below, click here to register under 'Parent Workshops' or e-mail Belinda for further information.

Look forward to seeing you all there, thank you for your support!

#behaviourmanagement #parenting #families #positivebehaviourmanagement #support

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