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So you are also probably wondering 'What do we actually do here at The Resource Kit?'

With our overall philosophy to empower others to engage positively with children, we offer a range of different services to best support you in your journey to achieve this with your children. So, how about I navigate you through them to help you to choose the right service to support you, your family or the children you work with.

Did you know that The Resource Kit is a great start to making some positive change with the children in your lives! Have you been challenged by behaviour and would love some easy to use, effective and positive strategies which doesn't involve you yelling, raising your voice or increasing your stress levels!

Sounds amazing right?

The Resource Kit consultancy service will assist you to de-stress, use positive, calm and effective ways for dealing with challenging behaviour and create a positive and peaceful environment for you and your children. Doesn't every child and family deserve that?

Here at the Resource Kit we offer a range of consulting services or development for parents and educators. You can view them all here.

123 Magic & Emotion Coaching for Parents

The Resource Kit is excited to introduce 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching for Parents. These can be offered in the comfort of your own home with you and your partner or family support (we welcome aunties, uncles or grandparents), or why not team up with some parent friends and learn some strategies together!

This 3 x 2 hour program is a wonderful way for parents to learn a great set of tools to understanding children's behaviour, setting expectations, teaching strategies to manage behaviour and how we can train children to understand their own emotions and regulate their own behaviour. Read more here.

Private Consulting

The aim of private consulting is that we work personally with you and your family to develop some positive strategies with you. This works best when we visit your home to calmly observe then discuss with you, your partner or your family about some strategies that will assist you to regain some 'calm' with your children. We look at what you are already doing well, and provide a supportive approach to empowering you to work positively when parenting your children.


We provide coaching for educators, were we can assist you to work positively all children including children with challenging behaviours. We can visit your workplace, classroom or setting to observe and then discuss strategies with how you can best support your students.

Parent Information Sessions

These parent information sessions are a beginning tool for parents who don't quite feel comfortable yet to have someone in their home. We support parents through a group presentation on 'creating a calm and supportive environment' and our soon to be released 'Introduction to Positive Parenting' (watch this space). This can be the first step for parents. Contact me for workshop dates or subscribe to receive updates.

Professional Development

We provide workshops to workplaces on how to work positively with all children, including creating a safe and supportive environment for children. We cover, setting expectations, routines, key communication strategies, interest based learning, positive reinforcement, behaviour management as well as self care in our PD 'Creating a Calm and Supportive Environment for Children'. We can also personalise a workshop to suit the needs of the workplace. Discuss with us to book in your session.

We look forward to working with you, contact us today to book in your session!

Positive change is only a few steps away!



Belinda is a Special Education Teacher and mother of two young children who is passionate about assisting families with children’s challenging behaviours. She has over 10 years’ experience working with a range of children across all ability levels, including children with ASD, developmental delay and intellectual disability. She is also a University Lecturer. Belinda provides a calm and supportive process to working with families to make positive change with the children in their lives. Her vision is to assist families to regain precious moments with their children, she provides a gentle approach to developing strategies with families to work with their child at home, at school and in the community. Through The Resource Kit, Belinda provides consultancy to families and teachers on how to work positively with all children. She also provides support for families through the toilet training process.

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