Riley's Story

My family and I first met Belinda when our oldest child, Riley was 8 years old. He was diagnosed with Autism in 2003. After two years in an Autism specific school we thought it would be best for Riley to transfer to a special education school to best meet his needs. At the time Riley was mostly non-verbal, not toilet trained and had some pretty significant behavioural challenges. Riley made so much progress in that first year, with Belinda as his teacher, his communication improved with the use of PECS and sign language, he began to understand the concept of "yes and no" and we were able to begin using this as a major part of our communication. This became essential to us being able to help Riley become independent and toilet trained, along with ongoing support and guidance from Belinda. These skills have become one of the communication techniques that Riley is still using today as a senior in high school!

We will be forever grateful too Belinda, her extensive experience and knowledge combined with her passion and dedication we're invaluable to my family at a time when we felt truly helpless. The techniques and positive behaviours she instilled in our son are still present today and have had a significant positive outcome on all of our lives. I will always be thankful for not only her knowledge and experience when faced with such challenging situations but for sharing and teaching me the techniques I needed to manage such situations.

Belinda was also able to modify and change some of Riley’s negative behaviours into more meaningful and positive interactions for Riley. Asking for help, understanding the difference between private and public, being able to understand yes and no and not absconding at every opportunity, have played such a major role in Riley’s development, and have been a key factor in many of his successful outcomes to date.

I cannot recommend Belinda highly enough, her compassion, dedication and wealth of experience was also extended to my entire family, and she became our teacher, not just Riley’s. It has been my pleasure to write this testimonial for Belinda, my family and I would like to wish her all the best, we know that you will find her as invaluable as we do.