Private Consulting

Free Initial 20 min phone consult, contact us for fees.

At The Resource Kit we provide one initial free consult over the phone to assist families with working with children, including children with special needs. We work with children 2-18 years old and believe that to successfully work with you and your family an in-home approach works best. We feel privileged to be invited into your home and will use this time to gain a detailed understanding of your current challenges, how you and your family function at home, and ultimately to develop some strategies to regain some structure in your lives.

During our consult we will look at; what are you currently doing? by identifying your parenting strengths and challenges; what can we positively change? and work with you to design and tailor a program to positively support your child, your family and yourself.

The Resource Kit services also includes:

  • Creating achievable routines.

  • Setting boundaries and expectations for children.

  • Understanding behaviour and supporting parents with positive behaviour strategies.

  • Creating visual resources to assist in communication and processing.

  • Play and engagement information and advice.

  • Understanding regulation and sensory needs.

  • Toileting support and advice.

  • Creating positive bedtime/sleep routines.

  • Self-care support for parents.

  • Developing a Positive Behaviour plan if required